Books can be ordered from amazon.com,
as well as from the following fine establishments,
categorized by state, that also carry more books about fly fishing,
song birds, wild flowers, butterflies and other interesting
things which make life worth living:


New Hampshire



New Jersey

In addition, autographed copies can be purchased at no additional charge
by e-mailing Bob Romano at magalloway@mac.com.

The River King ….. soft cover, 227 pages $23.00*
Brook Trout Blues ….. soft cover, 232 pages $23.00*
West of Rangeley ….. soft cover, 224 pages $22.00*
North of Easie ….. soft cover, 220 pages $22.00*
Shadows in the Stream ….. soft cover, 120 pages $20.00*
Fishing With Faeries ….. out of print

*plus shipping & tax

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